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Our career coaches have helped thousands of young professionals navigate the job market through structured and tailored career-related advice.

Meet the Coaches

CV & Profile Review


• A 30-minute phone call with a CV expert.

• Build a professional CV, cover letter, and WUZZUF profile.

• Get feedback on your CV and WUZZUF profile and know how to improve it.

• Build a job-search strategy.


Interview Coaching


• A one-hour meeting with a career coach at WUZZUF Talent Center.

• Go through a mock-up interview to refine your answers, body language and attitude. 

• Overcome your interview fears and learn how to answer tough interview questions.


Rehab Afifi

Amira Amin


Package Offer

All what you would get with CV & Profile Review PLUS the Interview Coaching bundled in a two-hour meeting with an expert career coach at WUZZUF Talent Center.




Career Coaching


• A two-to-three-hour extensive meeting with a career coach at WUZZUF Talent Center.

• Explore your skills and strengths, and find out what career best suits you.

• Learn how to make a successful career shift. 

• Learn the tips and tricks of job search, and create your own job search strategy. 

• Get ahead of your peers and put together a tailored career development plan.

• Receive a follow-up call to evaluate your progress.


Best Value!

Rehab is a certified career coach and facilitator, with expertise in recruitment and skills assessment. Rehab understands the landscape of the millennial workforce and job search process, and have delivered +1000 hours of career advising sessions at various events.

As a certified career coach and assessor, Amira has helped thousands of people overcome roadblocks to achieve their career goals.

Her experience includes career coaching, recruitment, headhunting and leadership roles in multinational corporations.

A professional recruiter, trainer, and a certified coach. Starring WUZZUF's famous video series #AskYosra, and delivering career support sessions in multiple universities and education providers, Yosra uses her knowledge and expertise to provide a custom-tailored approach to help you discover and build your dream career

Yosra Nasrat

As a certified career coach and assessor, Amgad primarily offers career-focused coaching for hundreds of young professionals to help them apply their gifts and talents in their career-life, as well as a being a prominent English and time management trainer who delivered 3000+ hours of training through various channels.

Amgad El-Sakka

Shaimaa Khattab 

Career Coaching

"Amgad was great to work with from beginning to end! He listened carefully to everything I had to say and helped me uncover more about myself. It helped me remove any confusion about my career track. I believe everyone should seek professional career coaching at the beginning of their career!"

Abdelrahman Moustafa

CV and Profile Review

"Amazing! Wonderful! There are no amount of adjectives I could use to describe the support Amira provided me during this process. The call helped me know how to prepare myself for the next internship program. I also now understand how to make my profile and CV more impressive to companies. I already started telling my friends how this call can put them on the right path for a professional career!"

Heba Bakry

CV & Interview Coaching Meeting

"I'd say that your resume is not just words on papers. How you present them and you emphasize your professionalism needs training and coaching. WUZZUF Coaches have the knowledge to lead you through your job seeking journey in a such professional way. The meeting increased my confidence so in my next interviews I was able express myself clearly and with confidence."

Reviews from satisfied professionals!

• What is career coaching?

Career coaching focuses on raising your self-awareness that would lead to better and more structured career decisions. This is what happens through career coaching:

First, there is the self-exploration part:

A. Personality assessment, where you get to identify and understand your behavior patterns and how to utilize them as a part of your career decision-making process.

B. Motivated skills part, which will help you figure out which tasks you genuinely enjoy in comparison to the ones you really hate.

C. Career values, things you really care about in your ideal job like location, salary, adventure, and so on. You’ll be surprised what your top priorities are by the end of this exercise!

Then comes the market-understanding part:

Using the meeting outcomes (motivated skill, career values, and personality traits), you’ll start your extensive research into which jobs would provide you with the right career “fit” according to you. Your coach then helps you set your plan that should help you work towards the goal that you’ve set for yourself.

Finally comes the follow-up part:

Your coach follows up with you on the dates that you set with him/her to check up on your progress. Now that you have a clearer goal with smaller, actionable goals, you’ll find that motivating yourself to work towards them is actually the easiest part. You’re now on the right track!

• I'm not sure if I'll be good at my dream job. Can WUZZUF Coaches help me?

If you need external motivation to push you towards your dream job, WUZZUF Coaches can’t do that. However, if you want to validate whether or not the career you want to pursue fits who you are by numbers, then you should meet one of WUZZUF Coaches.

• How can I book any of the services?

After you apply for any of the services above, your coach will call you directly to understand your career challenges more and provide you with all the instructions you need to book your call or meeting.

• If I’m not happy with the experience, can I get a refund?

We’re happy to report that the situation of not being pleased with the outcome of either the call or the coaching meeting almost never happens. However, if that happened, contact, and we’ll arrange the refund.

• Will you recommend me to a company after the meeting or the call?

WUZZUF Coaches are not involved directly with companies nor do they offer direct recommendations for specific jobs. Instead, they help you decide on the job that’s the right fit for you and provide you with feedback on your job search tools (CV, cover letter, and WUZZUF profile) which should facilitate your job search.

• Is it possible to meet my coach at a place of my choosing?

The meetings are held on our premises for the sake of providing you with all the elements you need to focus on your self-exploration journey without any distractions.

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