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WUZZUF Career Coaching Event

December 9th, 2018

AlMaqarr Office

The Greek Campus

This is a RiseUp Summit 2018 Satellite Event

For the first time in RiseUp Summit, WUZZUF, in collaboration with RiseUp, organizes WUZZUF Career Coaching Event, where our certified career coaches will discuss with help junior and experienced professionals the most challenging issues you may find while looking for a job and understand how to use their potential and the current job market trends to make better career decisions through several sessions and career circles.

In Partnership with

RiseUp Summit is the MENA region’s biggest innovation and entrepreneurship summit taking place on December 7, 8 and 9 in the heart of Downtown Cairo. 

This year, RiseUp is placing a spotlight on the behind the scenes of the startup world. They are focusing on how startups can surpass the real and raw problems they face by being resourceful and using what they have around them. 

Aiming high, yet staying grounded.

You can find out more information (and purchase tickets to #RiseUp18) through RiseUp Summit website and join the Facebook event.

#GroundedExperiences #AimHighStayGrounded

Meet WUZZUF Coaches

Rehab is a certified career coach and facilitator, with expertise in recruitment and skills assessment. Rehab understands the landscape of the millennial workforce and job search process, and have delivered +1000 hours of career advising sessions at various events.

Rehab Afifi

As a certified career coach and assessor, Amira has helped thousands of people overcome roadblocks to achieve their career goals. Her experience includes career coaching, recruitment, headhunting and leadership roles in multinational corporations.

Amira Amin

As a certified career coach and assessor, Amgad primarily offers career-focused coaching for hundreds of young professionals to help them apply their gifts and talents in their career-life, as well as a being a prominent English and time management trainer who delivered 3000+ hours of training through various channels.

Amgad El-Sakka

A professional recruiter, trainer, and a certified coach. Starring WUZZUF's famous video series #AskYosra, and delivering career support sessions in multiple universities and education providers, Yosra uses her knowledge and expertise to provide a custom-tailored approach to help you discover and build your dream career.

Yosra Nasrat

Outline and Registration

Hire candidates with Matching Values

Founders & HR Managers startups less than 20 team members

Preferred Attendees

Values are the DNA of your workforce; they direct culture and priorities at your company. Hiring for matching values isn’t the same as measuring up skills and experience from a CV. If your hiring is successful, it will result in having employees who mirror the way you think about your brand and your core concerns. In this talk, we will discuss how to make sure your employees have matching values.


The rise of startup jobs in the Egyptian market

Senior students, fresh graduates and experienced professionals

Preferred Attendees

Startups are growing in large numbers nowadays. Apart from introducing everyone to new innovations and ideas, they are also employing numerous people from diverse fields, especially young professionals. In this talk, we will introduce how startup vacancies are increasing in the job market (by numbers) and what’s in it for you to work in a startup. 


30-min Sessions

Career Circles

Circle ( 1 )

  • How to search for jobs in Egypt specially in startups?
  • How to strengthen your professional network?
  • How to enhance your online presence and CV?
  • How to ace your interview game and be prepared for all types of interviews?

Questions to be discussed

Circle ( 2 )

  • How the jobs in the Egyptian market are shaping up?
  • The competition among job seekers in the Egyptian job market?
  • How your personality can affect your career choice?
  • How to know the right career for you?

Questions to be discussed

Circle ( 3)

  • How to know if you are cut for working at a startup or not?
  • How to select the best startup for your career?
  • How to make the best out of your startup experience?

Questions to be discussed

The Greek Campus,


Ground Floor,

AlMaqarr Office

"Amgad was great to work with from beginning to end! He listened carefully to everything I had to say and helped me uncover more about myself. It helped me remove any confusion about my career track. I believe everyone should seek professional career coaching at the beginning of their career!"

Shaimaa Khattab

Career Coaching

Reviews about WUZZUF Coaches

"Amazing! Wonderful! There are no amount of adjectives I could use to describe the support Amira provided me during this process. The call helped me know how to prepare myself for the next internship program. I also now understand how to make my profile and CV more impressive to companies. I already started telling my friends how this call can put them on the right path for a professional career!"

Abdelrahman Moustafa

CV and Profile Review

"I'd say that your resume is not just words on papers. How you present them and you emphasize your professionalism needs training and coaching. WUZZUF Coaches have the knowledge to lead you through your job seeking journey in a such professional way. The meeting increased my confidence so in my next interviews I was able express myself clearly and with confidence"

Heba Bakry

CV & Interview Coaching Meeting

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